At B and B Pool Services, we know there are a lot of instances that will require residential pool cleaning and other services. Beyond homes, we also understand that residential pool work takes the proper techniques and prompt care. We’ve been offering superior residential pool cleaning services for over two decades, and our friendly customer support is easy to reach.

Leak Detection

Are you having to add more than ¼ to ½ inch of water per day?
Are your chemicals hard to keep balanced?
Do you have wet spots in your yard around your pool?

Chances are you have a water leak.

B and B pool offers a complete leak detection that includes a pressure test of all your underground plumbing as well as a complete structural dye test to look for cosmetic losses.

Cosmetic losses are usually minor and can be repaired the same day.
If you have a loss in your plumbing we have special electronic leak detection equipment to pinpoint your underground leak without having to tear up your whole yard looking for it.

You might not realize it, but when you add about a half-inch of water to your pool per day, you need an expert to perform a residential pool leak detection. You especially need this when you’re buying a home with a pool. We can help with the residential pool cleaning in Flower Mound TX, and make sure that you get a fair assessment of the cost of the pool.

After the home pool inspection, we’ll provide you with a written report and a detailed list of what we found, the working condition of the pool, and the estimate of any repairs that need to be performed. If you’re buying a home, this can save you money on the bottom dollar. Often, home inspectors won’t give the pool their attention because they aren’t sure what to look for.The same goes for commercial pool leak detection. When investing in a property, we want you to be confident with our commercial pool cleaning in Flower Mound TX, and we always want you to know any problems that could be occurring.

Full Pool Cleaning Services

Tired of maintaining your pool? Sick of skimmer baskets? Let us handle it! We now offer weekly full cleaning services that let you focus on relaxing.

For pricing please give us a call at 469-939-7647.

Plumbing Repair

If you have a leak in your plumbing and it’s under your deck, B and B Pools can often make the repair in as little as 12 inch square hole. Once the repair is made, the deck is patched as closely as possible

Previous Plumbing Repair

Below you can find examples of our plumbing repair work, both before and after the replacement has been made. Click the image for a larger picture.

Fixing a shattered pipe, both in-deck and in-pool

Equipment Replacement and Repair

From pumps to filters to heaters, B and B Pool Service is ready and able to diagnose and repair the problems at your equipment pad.


Pump / Motor

We offer motor replacement and shaft seal replacement as well as complete new pump upgrades



Are you getting DE coming back into your pool?
Is your cartridge or sand filter unable to keep up with your cleaning load in your pool or are you having to backwash all the time?
It may be time to repair your current filter or upgrade to a new one.

B and B Pool Service can asses your pool and filtration needs and recommend a solution that meets your needs as well as your budget.



Get more use out of your pool and spa. If your heater is not working, B and B Pool Service can diagnose the problem and offer repair solutions including replacing your old inefficient heater with a new high efficiency digital unit or replacing the needed parts.


Jandy Valves

Do you have old gray Jandy valves that are hard to turn or old ball valves that require large pliers just to turn? B and B Pool Service can change out your old ball valves with new Jandy valves making adjusting your water flow much easier.

Want to keep your current Jandy valves? We can change out just the inside portion making them much easier to operate.


Tile and Coping Repair


B and B Pool Service specializes in tile and coping repair. Large or small we can handle your needs, be it a few tiles or a whole wall.
In most cases we can match your existing tile. If not there are some creative solutions to get around it.

Is your spa cap loose and falling apart? We can reset all or part depending on your needs.

Below you can find examples of our tile work, both before and after the repair has been made. Click the image for a larger picture.

  • Before
  • After
  • Before
  • After
  • Before
  • After

Mastic Replacement

Mastic (Deco-Seal) is the material between your coping and deck of your pool. It is a wear item and usually lasts 3-4 years.

This material is designed to prevent water from getting under your coping and causing freeze damage. When the material starts to become hard and brittle or cracks and separates it is time to replace it.

B and B Pool Service will cut out our old mastic, clean and prepare the joint and pour new mastic and then top with sand.

Mastic is considered a maintenance item and usually lasts from 2-4 years depending on deck movement. It is available in a variety of colors but tan and gray are the most common.

Below you can find examples of our mastic work, both before and after the replacement has been made. Click the image for a larger picture.

  • Before
  • After
  • Before
  • After

Pool Light Bulb Replacement

Keeping your pool light working is important for safety as well as for looks.
A pool at night in a dark backyard can be very hard to see. Keeping the pool lit up allows guests to see where it is and not risk falling in.

In most cases, if the light is not working is usually just the bulb. This can usually be changed without draining the pool. If the seal has been compromised and the light has water in it, then the light fixture should be replaced.


Real Estate Inspection

Are you buying a home with a pool? In most cases when you buy a home you get an inspection but rarely dose that inspector know much about the pool and his report seldom covers all the facets of the pool.

B and B pools offers a through inspection of the pool including a full leak detection (pressure test and structural dye test), a complete assessment of the equipment’s working order as well as the general condition of the tile, coping and plaster.

Once done, we provide a written report to the potential buyer outlining our findings, their importance as well as estimates for repair. This gives the buyer not only piece of mind but negotiating power as well.


Salt Systems

Salt water pools are one of the newest innovations in swimming pools.

A chlorine generator is placed inline at your equipment and a controller is located near the timer and salt is added directly to your pool. The generator creates small amounts of chlorine whenever the pool runs so the input to the pool is more consistent requiring less shocking.

From there all you do is adjust your output settings and enjoy your pool. The salt makes your pool like swimming in soft water, and it’s better for your skin and hair.

Stone Water Sealing

Did you just build or remodel your pool with beautiful natural stone or marble coping?
If so you should consider sealing that stone.

Stone is a natural product and is porous by nature. This makes it susceptible to peeling, flaking or absorbing things around the pool like suntan lotion, drinks and chemicals used around your pool.

Our produce is water based, dries clear and protects your stone for 2 to 3 years.
It is usually cured within hours of application and protects and beatifies your stone.


Deck Pressure Washing

Does your aggregate deck covered in black algae or staining from trees? Chances are if your deck has shaded areas, what looks like dirt is really mold or algae from being damp and out of the sun.

Pressure washing your deck will bring back the aggregates bright clean finish and restore its original beauty.

Got a textured deck? B and B Pools can pressure wash them but the deck must be inspected first to make sure it is safe for the finish and will not cause peeling or flaking.